Introduction of gene editing

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What is gene editing?

This technology is like Microsoft “Word”, which allows scientists to freely edit genes – inserting, deleting, revising and replacing DNA in plants, animals and even humans. It is a revolutionary invention.

Large Segment Gene Editing Technology

LS-CRISPR can simultaneously manipulate 3-10 times size of a target gene comparing with the existing gene editing technology. With LS-CRISPR, we can speed-up R&D processes and precisely produce macromolecular proteins, overcoming the hurdle of mass production of large-size proteins.

Gene Editing Application

Gene editing can be applied to many fields such as clinical and basic medicine - drug screen model, hypertension mouse model and immune cell therapy. Gene editing can also bring new options to agriculture - anti-viral pigs, no-turning-brown mushrooms and environmental protection. Many applications and products derived from gene editing tech are now at different stage toward market.

Biomaterials Editor
Founded in 2017, GEcoll Biomedical is the first gene editing application company in Taiwan. With the frontier technology Large-Segment Gene Editing and the concept of synthetic biology, GEcoll aims to produce safe and non-allergic biomaterials suitable for tissue repairing and regeneration. LS-Gene Editing can be applied on various biological platforms such as animals, plants and microorganisms to produce a variety of humanized biological materials for clinical, aesthetic and regenerative medicine.

Product Description

Platforms for humanized biological raw material production
According to characteristics of biological materials, we integrate LS-Gene Editing and synthetic biology strategies to develop the most suitable platform for raw material production.
Gene editing service
Customized gene editing service on plants and animals, such as hypertensive rat model and anti-viral pigs.
Recombinant Human Collagen
GEcoll recombinant human collagen has the best safety, biocompatibility and regenerative bioactivity in human body.
Anti-Aging Dermal Filler
Our rejuvenating dermal filler contains anti-aging factors and is resistant to collagen degradation.
Functional gene care products
Customized design of skin care products.